The Calling of a Minister # 1

“For we are God’s fellow workers…”

1 Corinthians 3:9

A calling relates to God’s initiative to bring people to Christ through His redemptive work in the world. Through Adam, men fell from God’s grace and are destined to death.  God, in His love is redeeming men into their rightful place through the sacrificial death of Christ.  He is doing this by calling you and and me to Himself and using us as His ministers to reach out to others in the world. Be challenged to reach out today.

You are a minister. A minister is a servant who God has sent in His authority to perform His service.  Jesus Christ called His followers to Himself.  They belonged to Him and He assigned them to tasks which we call Ministry. The same applies to us, we are called by Jesus and he has assigned us to go and make disciples of all nations.

From the beginning of the Bible, God created people to work.  He built work into the essence of humanity.  This is seen when He put Adam into the garden with a purpose.  God created you as a worker, and He commands you to work.  It can be difficult to discern the particular work God may be calling you to do, but there can be no doubt that He made you a worker, and that He expects you to work. He is calling you to work with Him.

A “calling” is the work that God places within us and assigns us to do in a particular location to specific people.  As His workers, we are referred to as Ministers.  As Ministers, we wholeheartedly and in obedience give ourselves to doing God’s service in order to accomplish His purpose on earth (Phil. 2:13).

We respond to God’s calling by giving our lives totally to Christ.  We become His children and servants, as He fully adopted us into His family.  Since we belong to His family, He assigns us duties and responsibilities.  In obedience, we accept those responsibilities and do everything to serve faithfully.

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